My Life in My Pocket
Everything you need to succeed
in life, for school, work, and every
profession, through books,
social networking, clothing,
and accessories

My Life in My Pocket

The book series, My Life in My Pocket, is designed to teach students, professionals and other individuals how  to THINK and do so correctly.

Each chapter is a pocket that contains a principle of success. Furthermore, each pocket represents an aspect of life and is told through various everyday words and their definitions.

The book series acts as a studio in which readers will engage in conversations with themselves, through thinking, and
writing down thoughts, hopes, and dreams. Dreams can come true if individuals use the core principles of the My Life in My Pocket Book Series, the Five Senses of SuccessTHINK, Visualize, Feel, Write and Act.

These everyday words expressed as thoughts are often used without thinking. By thinking about the meaning of these words readers will begin to see how these meanings are reflected in their lives. 

Individuals may not necessarily completely control their thoughts but will become aware of them and make sound judgments
and decisions as a result of their awareness.  Readers will enjoy this time spent with themselves. It is time well thought!

Now Available My Life in My Pocket for High School Students (and those who love them) on itunes, Amazon, and Barnes & Noble

Also Available NOW on Amazon My Life in My Pocket for Preschoolers - The Alphabet

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