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Kathy Lynn Lewis is a leading expert on Self-Advocacy.  She has devoted the last twelve years to helping families with children with special needs to advocate for their children, and now travels around the country speaking and leading seminars that help individuals and businesses achieve success through goal setting and outlining, “what they want to have”, “what they want to be”, and ‘what they want to do.”  She is the President and Founder of The Ripple Effect (, a company that helps businesses and individuals realize their potential by understanding what Earl Nightingale states, “we become what we THINK about,” and that the impossible takes a little longer, but not much.  Kathy is also the author of the My Life in My Pocket Book Series (

Kathy Lynn Lewis writes about and works in the area of achievement because these are the techniques she used to advance from an inner city Baltimore neighborhood, to attending a prestigious high school, to graduating from Johns Hopkins University, to marrying a surgeon, to joining a country club, to becoming a board member of the Nasher Museum of Art at Duke University.  Although these accomplishments may not be considered as an example of success to some, they are evidence of the power of thinking because her thinking took her from poverty to the board rooms of museums and private independent schools

Let Kathy Lynn Lewis and the My Life in My Pocket curriculums and seminars teach your employees and students how to set and achieve goals through the core principles of the book series, the Five Senses of Success: THINK, Visualize, Feel, Write, and Act.  These are the five steps needed to have, do, or be anything.

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