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Understanding the Five Senses of Success


My Life in My Pocket is an interactive website aimed to help those to achieve their dreams.

1.) THINK - Take time to THINK about what you want.  Relax and allow yourself to THINK.  We have thousands of thoughts each day so become aware of your thoughts.  Awareness of thoughts will help you control what to focus on.  THINK positively about your problems.

2.) Visualize - Imagine already having acheived the goals you have set.  Imagine what your new car smells like.  Imagine doing the work you want to do.  Imagine feeling the sunlight in your beautiful office.

3.) Feel - Feel good about what you want.  Feel good most of the time.  Force yourself to have a positive feeling about your problems.  This will help you feel good instantly.  Pay attention to your emotional responses.  Respond positively to problems.

4.) Write - Write down your goals.  Describe goals in detail.  Write down what you are grateful for.  Keep a journal.  Keep notebooks as a representation of your life.  Write down a 10 year plan.  Read goals three times a day.  Make changes and corrections as needed.  Use limitless thinking when writing down goals.  Also, create a mantra.  Something you can write down daily and say to yourself when negative thinking creeps in. The mantra should be relatively short.  For example, I am grateful, I am happy, I am healthy, I am wealthy.

5.)  Act - Act on the ideas as they come to you.  Do not worry about how to accomplish anything.  What to do to achieve your goals will come to you.  Follow those ideas that cause you to feel happy and at peace.  That is how you will know what to do.
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