My Life in My Pocket
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Book Series

My Life in My Pocket for Preschoolers 
is written on the premise that it is never too early to teach your children to THINK about their world, their dreams and their goals.  We need to invest in educating children how THINK so that each generation improves over the previous one.  This book is designed not only to encourage children to THINK about questions posed in the book, but also to promote togetherness between children and parents.

Now Available on itunes, Amazon, and Barnes & Noble: My Life in My Pocket for High School Students is aimed to get teenagers, individuals under the greatest pressure to conform, to THINK about what they want in life and what is good to achieve along their journey to adulthood.  The book is not just theory, but a workbook so that students can exercise success techniques to be more than hearers but doers of the word THINK

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