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INTRO:  In the introduction, three keys to a successful beginning are listed: 

1) Keep a clear mind (Don't do drugs or drink alcohol),

2) Treat your body well. (Don't have sex while still in high school),
3) Get A's and B's (Do your best academic work in school)

However, this is only a start.  List more ways to stay successful by posting on twitter or facebook.  For twitter (there is no "t" at the end; Unlike what is suggested by Twitter, I should have been more clever with the name) or #mylifeinmypocket.  For facebook go to




DATINGKathy Lynn Lewis wrote this Man Plan in 1982 and it has served her well.  Goal setting applies not only to achievement, but should also include the qualities of the person with whom you are in a relationship.  The Five Senses of Success especially should be used when setting a goal for a mate.  THINK about the qualities you would like in a mate, Visualize being with this person, Feel good about the relationship you will have, Write down the qualities of your mate and Act on ideas as to how to meet this person.  


CHARACTER:  “Character cannot be developed in ease and quiet. Only through experience of trial and suffering can the soul be strengthened, vision cleared, ambition inspired, and success achieved.” Helen Keller (1880-1968).  To be impeccable literally means to be "spotless."  Don Miguel Ruiz speaks about being impeccable with one's words in his book The Four Agreements.  Be not only impeccable with what you say, but how you look and how you think.  Reading helps build your character.  Share with us and your friends what books you read for personal development at (there is no "t" at the end; Unlike what is suggested by Twitter, I should have been more clever with the name) or #mylifeinmypocket and

LOSS:  In life, we must deal with many facets of loss, ranging from losing a game to losing a loved one as a result of death.  Our resilence depends upon our ability to cope with loss.  Particularly, a loss of a friendship, whether it is a physical distance due to a move or it is emotional chasm caused by a difference of opinion, can be quite difficult.  Even in losing a friend, positive things may come about.  Maybe this person did not share your same ethical standards.  Maybe it was a boyfriend or a girlfriend who was a bad influence or a distraction to your true, higher goals.  In any case, looking for the positive aspects of loss, even in a friend's or family member's passing, will give you strength.

VISION:  In My Life in My Pocket, vision was defined as "the force or power of the imagination."  It is one of the five natural senses as well as, in the verb form, one of the Five Senses of Success.  Whereas sight is the manifestation of the visual sense to observe things outside of our body, vision requires an inward look into our mind so that we can plot our destiny.  On the other hand, imagination is necessary, but not sufficient.  Those images of what we want for our lives must be placed before our eyes so that our mind can act.  A visionboard can be used to help individuals make their dreams more concrete.  An example of Kathy Lynn Lewis' visionboard can be seen below.  Make your visionboard today!

Kathy's visionboard consists of the places she would like to live and visit, how she can get to these places and the money should would like to earn.  For this to be real, describe what you want in the present tense and Visualize the home that you want to live in, the car that you want to drive, the plane that you want to travel in and the work that you want to do as if it is happening NOW.  Your visionboard should be comprised of whatever you want such as playing professional baseball, playing in a rock band, being a doctor, or inventing the next smartphone.


SPORTS and CLUBS:  These are a great way to not only stay in shape and/or maintain mental sharpness, but also allow participants to socialize and exercise the success principles discussed in My Life in My Pocket.  For example, a tennis game is a microcosm of life.  You step on the court and the game begins just as when you are born you step into the game of life.  With each stroke, you use of the Five Senses of Success:  THINK, Visualize, Feel and Act.  In life, you use the strokes of your pen to Write down the necessary steps to succeed whereas in tennis, you use the strokes of your racquet to score winning points.  Sports prepare you for life and teach you how to compete.  However, whether you win or lose in a game, you are winner simply from competing.  Health permitting, play sports and/or participate in clubs to hone your Five Senses of Success.


GRATITUDE:  If THINK is the operative word in the book My Life in My Pocket for High School Students, the word "thankful" can arguably be considered a dominate word in achievement.  It should also be a dominate word in our lives.  The key is to be grateful before great things happen to us so that our minds are prepared for success.  Gratitude is the attitude of optimism and it is this mind set that prepares us for possibilities.  Share what you are grateful for, even if you feel despair, at or at (there is no "t" at the end; Unlike what is suggested by Twitter, I should have been more clever with the name) or #mylifeinmypocket.


THINKING:  Commencement is ironically placed at the conclusion of an education era for an individual.  It is a big and important ceremony validating not only the efforts of the student, but also the parents, the siblings, the significant others and the teachers during that sojourn of learning.  However, to "commence" is to "begin".  Hence, the pocket/chapter Begin is at the end of the book since this is your opportunity to start to apply the core principles of success.  I bet many of you have already started to apply what you have learned.  Thinking is the first Sense of the Five Senses of Success, but Acting is the final Sense.  A sixth sense, if you will, is iteration or doing it all over again after you have reassessed your goals and their priorities in your life.  Remember that no matter what, if you work toward a worthwhile ethical goal, you are a winner.  
    Now, how many times was the word THINK used in the book My Life in My Pocket for High School Students?  This is a trick question since although the word THINK was printed 117 times in the book, we have nearly 70,000 thoughts during a day.  So the true answer is that the word THINK is used as many times as you thought carefully while reading the book.  Hopefully, you far exceeded the 117 times the word THINK was written in My Life in My Pocket for High School Students.  GO FOR IT!!

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